bending glass

Expert precision glass bending for custom designs

We combine traditional glassblowing techniques with modern expertise to create exceptional bent glass pieces. Explore our solutions and let’s turn your vision into reality!


Bent glass: Custom glass forming 3D
double bent glass - glass pane window
Bent glass: Custom glass forming 3D
Double bent glass - glass pane showcase
Precision glass bending: angled glass roof

New dimensions in glass forming

We combine three distinct features in one product innovation: tight bending radii, high precision and 100% optical quality.


Bending Radius

With radii under 10 mm, the technology opens up new scopes for glass



The laser process enables very precise shaping of glass materials, all while keeping tight tolerances of the workpiece


Optical Quality

While the glass can be shaped in just any form, the material is not changed and maintains the high optical quality of glass


New products for new and innovative applications of glass to unleash its full potential

GLAPE realizes complex glass bending. Bent glass not only enables new designs, but also efficient use of resources.

Prototyping and sampling

Challenge us with your unique idea. We realize even the most complex shapes with glass and conduct feasibility studies.

Small volume production

Our technology allows for batch production and gradual scale up of quantity for shaped glass products.


We help you with your individual project needs and find a solution for your questions in the field of glass forming.


Elevate architectural design with cutting-edge glass solutions

Explore the profound impact of glass in architecture, where innovative designs go beyond aesthetics. Discover how our glass solutions redefine sustainability, shaping spaces with natural light, minimizing carbon footprints, and fostering well-being for occupants.

Bent glass windows in the kitchen
Precision glass bending: custom glass car roof


Unveil the potential of bent glass in automotive design

From refined exteriors to intuitive touch interfaces, our solutions redefine the driving experience, combining aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.


Tailor-made solutions for every project - your vision, our expertise

With a focus on individual projects, we offer flexibility in quantities, geometries, sizes, and dimensions. From intricate lab devices to bespoke interior designs, our expertise crafts unique solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Bent glass: Angled glass as a custom solution
Custom glass bending solutions: 3D curved glass in any shape

Revolutionize glass bending with CO2 laser technology

Harness CO2 laser innovation for faster, precise, and eco-friendly glass bending, revolutionizing environmental responsibility in manufacturing.


Meet our team

We are engineers and scientists, with a focus on glass and its applications, and aim to address the longstanding challenge in the glass industry.

Dr. Najoua Bolakhrif CEO and Co-Founder
Matthias Quast CEO and Co-Founder

Let’s discuss your use case!

We combine high precision, optical quality and tight bending radii in one product innovation.

GLAPE is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST program.

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