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We transform architectural visions with comprehensive glass solutions

GLAPE is your reliable partner, dedicated to architectural excellence and sustainability, working collaboratively to shape the future of design and energy efficiency.

In architecture, especially in public buildings, glass plays a central role in the design of the outer facade, but also impact the energy balance of the same. Rooms flooded with light increase the well-being of the occupants. The dream of architects and designers is to continue the curved or abstract forms of their work over the large-area glass components. Currently, only a few solutions are available here, which often feature only minimal bending and strong segmentation into individual panes. As a result, not only the aesthetics suffer, but also the CO2 budget attributable to the building.

Window surfaces contribute significantly to the energy balance both in the construction phase and during the use phase. The manufacture, transport, and installation of windows increase a building’s carbon footprint, as do heat losses through frames, joints, and transitions to masonry. Large-area, freely formable panes are given higher mechanical characteristic values through targeted shaping and are designed to be correspondingly thinner. All-glass corners designed as multiple insulating glazing improve the energy balance of such buildings during the utilization phase.

Transforming vehicle interiors and exteriors with bent glass mastery

Where aesthetics meets advanced engineering
Using bent glass in automotive enables not only new designs, but also a pleasant driving experience. In the exterior, e.g., the metal roof, the lines and folds of the hood can be continued over the roof – with our technology this is also possible now with glass roofs. Hence, through constructive stiffening, the bent glass roof, can be built thinner, without lack of strength. In the interior, 3D shaped glass structures enable a touch interface with excellent haptics paired with hygienic properties.

Tailoring glass bending technology to your specific requirements

From small lab devices to interior design prototyping, we’ve got you covered with our versatile glass bending solutions.
Depending on your needs, different quantities, geometries, sizes and dimensions are possible with our glass bending technology. Since glass is used in many applications, we can access many markets with individual prototypes and small batch series. We have already provided solutions to different customer segments, from small lab devices to prototyping for interior designs.

Let’s discuss your use case!

We combine high precision, optical quality and tight bending radii in one product innovation.

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